Newbeans Customer of the Month: The Recruitment Boutique


There is something about walking into an office pantry and being received by the aroma of good coffee. Immediately, it wakes your senses up, but it actually does more than that:

  • It helps employees become more productive (by giving them that much needed morning boost, or helping them pick up the afternoon slump).
  • It helps close the deal with clients (by helping foster that very important first impression).
  • Overall it makes for an attractive office perk.

That is, if you’ve got the right blend of coffee!

Newbeans Coffee has worked with a number of private businesses and helped them achieve this office must-have. It allows customers and consumers alike to create their own customized blend of coffee online, or even over the phone, without having to visit a commercial coffee roaster.  This convenience and quality gives a myriad of benefits to our commercial and individual partners – whether they’re in the business of coffee or not!

Just how beneficial are Custom Blend Coffee and Coffee Subscription to one’s business?

Every month, Newbeans Coffee features one of its prized partners to explore the advantages and results that working with a dedicated coffee partner brings.

Our chosen partner of the month is The Recruitment Boutique Ltd led by Jason de Jong. While they are not in the business of creating or serving coffee, they understand the value of serving great coffee, how it helps their business, or any business for that matter!

What made you decide to get into your industry? And what do you love about it?

The Recruitment Boutique Ltd offers a unique recruitment solution for companies that are looking for an alternative to straight advertising or using a traditional recruitment agency.

We started running a traditional agency but saw that there was a need for new models.

We love solving problems and it is great when we find a person the job they want.


How did you find out about Newbeans? How did you go about choosing which blend to purchase?

We came across Newbeans Coffee and Mark Wilson through networking — the best way to meet new contacts and understand other people’s requirements.

We found our blends through trial and error, although we have not found a coffee from Newbeans we did not like!

Why did you decide to purchase coffee online? And why did you choose Newbeans out of all coffee roasters and suppliers online?

As mentioned I found out about Newbeans Coffee through networking. And for me the reason to buy from them is simple – people buy from people they like!

What do you like best about Newbeans Coffee?

The best part about Newbeans Coffee is their coffee!

Lastly, what is your favorite blend?

The Espresso Milano is strong, rich and smooth, a great cup of coffee and perfect in the morning or after a good meal. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a distinct taste.

To get in touch with Jason or The Recruitment Boutique Ltd, contact them through their Facebook Page.

Want to create your own signature blend? Ask us:


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