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Lots of ideas and discussion about coffee including receipes, serving suggestions, coffee cocktails and unusual ways to have coffee!

Save Santa from too many mince pies Philibert Routin 1883 Gourmet Barista Syrup

Are you going home for the holidays? You don’t want to show up with the same old mince pie for dear old granny. How many pies can she and Santa eat? Bring her something completely different. Spice up her life … Continue reading

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Newbeans Helps start the Week

Wake Up For the week Ahead Enjoy the difference with great fresh coffee from all over the world delivered next day from All our coffees are taste profiled , by our roasters to give a great start to the … Continue reading

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Newbeans stockist get the chance to go virtual

It you are already selling our brand , or thinking of selling a proprietary brand to help move sales of your existing products then why not apply to become a one of our internet resellers , Continue reading

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Mother’s Day – Sunday the 3rd of April

We bet your mother has made you a cup of coffee on countless occasions so why not return the favour this mothers day with Newbeans. Jamaican Blue Mountain

This will provide you with an exquisite cup, perhaps it wont replace your everyday drinking coffee – it’s just too special – but Newbeans Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a coffee experience! Columbian Mocha Recipe

Every woman loves chocolate so why not treat your mother to a mocha!? We have a fantastic suggestion for a very special mocha. Our Columbian coffee combined with melted chocolate made with Columbian cocoa beans. Supremely special when only the best will do. Read more Continue reading

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Newbeans Espresso Milano; virtuous

I was chatting to my super-healthy friend today. We had gone to the gym that morning. She’s the kind of lady that smiles while pounding out an incredible pace on the treadmill. She is undoubtably the fittest person I know. … Continue reading

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Newbeans Chocolate Almond Biscotti Recipe

BISCOTTI I seem to have hosted a wealth of dinner parties recently. I’m not the most accomplished of chefs so perhaps word got out that I always serve Newbeans speciality coffee as my after dinner beverage of choice. Tomorrow evening … Continue reading

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Fill the office with fresh Newbeans Coffee

You work hard and sometimes it feels as if the whole office is your responsibility. When you take a well-deserved break you also deserve good coffee! Why keep putting your hard-earned cash into a machine when you could have a … Continue reading

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