Chistmas Luxury at Newbeans

Here at Newbeans we beleve in Luxury and why not enjoy some luxuray with our Great Christmas packs of coffee

Great for the Christmas period

Our special Christmas promotion packs come in 3 different multi bag (250g)  packs :- Try our luxury pack of ‘Monsoon Malibar’, ‘Kopi Luwak’  and ‘Jamaican Blue Mountain’ coffees.

Monsoon Malibar  is a sweet coffee, earthy, with light burnt undertones , a little spicy and with a nose that is earthy, sweet, and sour, great balanced, a truly interesting origin coffee.

Kopi Luwak -This is an extremely rare coffee having an intense, but delicate flavour with little aftertaste. In the forests of Vietnam lives the Luwak or palm civet cat. Being partial to

Newbeans Enjoyed by everone - Istock

Enjoyed by every one

the ripe coffee cherries that fall from the trees it adds them to its diet. The undigested coffee seeds are then collected by the natives before being cleaned and prepared for shipment.  Only about 500kg are collected each year.

Jamaican Blue Mountain – Blue Mountain is considered the Rolls Royce of all coffees. This is the quintessential classic coffee, rich flavour, aroma, full body with mild acidity. Notes of Fruity, Herby Spicy and sweet .




Done Hide from Santa - Help him along with a Newbeans coffee

Peek a boo - santa

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