Why Choose Newbeans Coffee for Your Business

There are dozens of coffee subscriptions and coffee roasters who sell over the internet. What sets us apart and how can we help your business? Here are the reasons to choose Newbeans Coffee for your business:

1. Organic and Ethical

Our chosen coffee farmers are Soil Association and Rain Forest Alliance accredited. This means that the coffee beans you are getting is certified organic and is farmed under ethical and sustainable conditions.

2. Transparent

Newbeans is the only coffee company on the internet that can disclose the exact content of a coffee blend. Our coffee profiles show their bean and flavour composition, giving you an idea of its taste even before you purchase it. Newbeans provides transparency for your coffees and your coffee brand.

3. Inventory

All our coffees are traceable to the farm where they were grown. Our beans are stored in their green state, so they can be kept without loss of quality or taste before roasting.

4. Choice

You can choose from dozens of our ready-to-order blends, and you can create your own signature blends as well using our CTAPS (Coffee Tasting and Profiling System). We can even match your current blend!


Newbeans has recorded all of the cupping notes of the world’s coffees using the work of one of the UK’s top specialty coffee roasters – the end result are interactive taste-profiles of many of the world’s top coffee. This allows you to choose the type of beans to use and blend, adjust the flavour profile from as many as 18 taste variables and select the grind and size to suit your needs.

5. Quality

Our coffee beans are roasted by some of the most respected coffee artisans in the world to produce the highest grade coffee. They are committed full-time in studying each bean’s unique qualities, testing, roasting and blending to highlight each bean’s fruit, acid, nut or spice complexity. Upon roasting, they are delivered between 24 to 48 hours to ensuring the freshness of the coffee beans that are delivered to you.

6. Training

A dedicated coffee roaster will not be without training. Newbeans offers training on how to make informed decisions in choosing coffee and how to use CTAPS to create a signature blend for a certain taste profile or budget.

Interested? Let us answer your questions. Email us at sales@newbeans.co.uk or call 03333 441242.

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