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Here at Newbeans we are starting to think about Christmas again, after all its just around the corner. Are you prepared for all your family and friends yet, or is finding that fun and slightly unusual present proving to be a touch elusive?

Luxury coffee has been called the common mans gold, for like gold it brings a  feeling of luxury and nobility. Many of  our coffees are considered  rare, and you most definitely won’t find these single origin coffees and blends on the supermarket shelf

Their comparative rarity is  due to the limitations of  suitable growing areas that combine the exact conditions needed to produce these fabulous coffees. This is of course reflected in the price; however although you can expect to pay a little more than you would for mass produced freeze dried Robusta in a jar, our Christmas gift packs definitely  provide exceptional value and wont break the bank.

Why not give some thought to buying some truly wonderful coffee for that special coffee drinker in your life?  Coffee that will also makes a great first foot present at New Year, and why not stand out from the crowd and hand your party host a gift wrapped box of three luxury coffees instead of  the ubiquitous  bottle of wine. We will also promise not to tell anyone if you just treat yourself.

Our special Christmas promotion packs come in 3 different multi bag (250g)  packs

Try a Luxury Pack of ‘Monsoon Malibar’, ‘Kopi Luwak’  and ‘Jamaican Blue Mountain’ coffees. Makes the ideal gift for that special someone.

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Monsoon Malibar-  a variety of dry processed coffee beans. The harvested and processed beans are exposed to the monsoon winds for a period of about three to four months, causing the beans to swell and lose the original acidity, resulting in a sweet and syrupy brew. The coffee is unique to the Malabar coast of Karnataka and Kerela. This coffee has a fascinating history and is truly one of the worlds great coffees.

Kopi Luwak -This is an extremely rare coffee having an intense, but delicate flavour with little aftertaste. In the forests of Vietnam lives the Luwak or palm civet cat. Being partial to the ripe coffee cherries that fall from the trees it adds them to its diet. The undigested coffee seeds are then collected by the natives before being cleaned and prepared for shipment.  Only about 500kg are collected each year. You may have seen this coffee referred to in the film “The Bucket List” starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.

Jamaican Blue Mountain-Blue Mountain is considered the Rolls Royce of all coffees. This is the quintessential classic coffee, rich flavour, aroma, full body with mild acidity. Notes of Fruity, Herby Spicy and sweet . Pure indulgence, and why not. Take that first sip, close your eyes and listen to  the sound of the Caribbean lapping the shore at Ocho Rios and let the warm breath of the trade winds transport you.


Or how about our Espresso Pack? Our Espresso pack including Newbeans ‘Wake Up’, ‘Newbeans  Roma’ and Newbeans  ‘Extra’.

Warm coffee on a cold day

Warm coffee on a cold day

Newbeans ‘Wake Up’. This is a heavy coffee . It’s a great blend for the home or office or while pounding the pavements on route to your next location. Works well as an espresso or a filter coffee – puts a spring in your step.

Newbeans Roma is a well roasted coffee and shows its self as an earthy spicy coffee robust, with Floral and fruity notes – a hidden taste of caramel gives this espresso a sweet and turpeny finish. This is part of a range of espressos that allows great choice and flexibility. Customers that love a single shot espresso , will love this.

The Newbeans Extra’  flavour is winey, earthy, sweet and spicy rich, bursting with flavour, creamy and sweet. Four top quality arabica beans are blended and roasted to perfection to make this delicious espresso that is packed full of flavour and loads of extras. Tastes of chocolate, tons of crema, spicy undertones and a sweet finish make this coffee a must on any connoisseurs grocery list.

Or try our simple Origin Pack

Contains  Columbian, Costa Rican, Indian Mysore and Sumatran coffees.

Columbian – This coffee is nutty, turpeny, floral and chocolate,mellow, flavorful, versatile, delicious.
Columbia is the worlds 2nd largest coffee producer and this makes its coffee very famous but quality varies massively. We get our Columbian from Central Cordillera – the Medellin range – which is known for its consistency in quality and flavour. It’s a very popular all round coffee, giving great results with cafetiere, filter or espresso methods. This coffee should be a staple in kitchen cupboards everywhere.

Costa Rican – his coffee is sweet, fruity, chocolatey and caramel. bright, sweet, wonderful, aromatic. Newbeans 2nd offering from Costa Rica is a balanced coffee with a mellow taste and slight acidity. Bold medicinal and slightly metallic flavours are rounded against floral, grassy and herbal notes. A great coffee that really teases the palate and offers new flavours with every sip. Combines fantastically with hazelnut or almond syrups.

Indian Mysore – Our roaster has profiled this coffee as Nutty with a hint of sweet and sour and undertones of chocolate. It was in 1600 that the Muslim pilgrim Baba Budan, brought seeds back to India and planted them in the mountains near Mysore. It is a large bean with an intense flavour. It is noted for it’s smooth taste, mild brew and a delicate flavour but still having a strong body.

Sumatran – This coffee is high in notes of chocolate and caramel, burnt and sour. deep, full bodied, smooth, exotic.

So no matter what you’re after, there’s is a pack for every coffee lover!

Newbeans – more than just a coffee company!




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