Coffee of the month – February

This months coffee of the month is…..


Newbeans Wake-Up Blend

This is one of our biggest sellers – and for good reason!

Tickle your taste buds with this coffee. It’s a great blend for the home or office or while pounding the pavements on route to your next location. Works well as an espresso or a filter coffee – puts a spring in your step. ideal to be used in your home office or professional espresso machine , for the home and the office. A go anywhere coffee which is great with milk and superb as a wholebean for office and home machine use. It has an earthy, grassy taste with notes that are roasted, turpeny and herby leaving a pleasant aftertaste for this style of coffee.

Here’s what our Coffee Tasting and Profiling System (CTAPS) tells us about this coffee:

CTAPS of Newbeans Wake-up Blend


Combining earthy and grassy tastes with notes of roasted turpenny and herbs, Wake Up Blend is a great all-round flavour and perfect as an espresso and filter coffee. The coffee is available in a choice of four different grinds, so it’s ideal for home grinding, general use, espresso machines and cafetieres! Perfect for at home, the office or in between those important meetings.

This product is available in 250g, 500g and 1KG packs.

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