Coffee of the month – January

This months coffee of the month is…..


Newbeans Espresso Moto

A classic espresso, with a twist.

Newbeans Espresso Moto is a rich blend of African and central American coffee, roasted to a dark Italian roast which makes a full bodied espresso.Perfect for waking up to in the morning, or drinking just before bed!
Ideal for either home or office, this coffee will offer a fresh and pleasing alternative to those tired instant coffees currently sitting in the cupboards. Your daily dose of coffee may already be a routine, but it doesn’t need to be a chore. Liven up your pallet to something new and exciting!

Here’s what our Coffee Tasting and Profiling System (CTAPS) tells us about this coffee:



This coffee has a bitter taste with hints of chocolate and grass. With hardly any aftertaste this dark roasted coffee makes for a good all round espresso coffee.The coffee is available in a choice of four different grinds, so it’s ideal for home grinding, general use, espresso machines and cafetieres! Perfect for at home, the office or in between those important meetings.

This product is available in 250g, 500g and 1KG packs.

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