Newbeans Coffee Roasting Tour 2016


It’s not everyday that you get a chance to learn from some of the best coffee roasters in the UK, and create your own unique coffee blend to boot!

If you joined our Coffee Tour Contest, you have the opportunity to enjoy our half-day plant and museum tour at Hemel Hempstead, London. 

Tour Agenda

  • Arrive at the plant and be welcomed with a great cup of coffee, and an introduction from one of Newbeans world famous coffee roasters. Our roasters have experience of the coffee supply chain – from selecting best beans, roasting and cupping as well as production and manufacturing.
  • Introduction slide show looking at how coffee is sourced, picked, processed and brought to the factory. This is an informative talk about where our coffee comes from – our roasters visit plantations looking only for the top class beans. You will also be shown the selection and shipping process to the plant, along with quality and certification.

  • Coffee Museum – see roasting machinery from the past – and the different techniques used to create and roast the perfect Newbeans coffee. Over the years Newbeans have developed it’s own process to allow it’s coffee to be produced and sold in many different outlets – from top quality products in your home, to mass produced, specialised products for catering and vending industries.
  • Plant tour – get ready to see a large batch roaster , in full working, roasting a batch of fresh coffee. Understand the process and see how coffee can be created with quality and consistency time and time again. You will see the tools that allow quality production and consistency in your coffee, and how the skill of a roaster can create different flavours and tastes.
  • Create your own blend – create your own 1KG coffee blend – with its own label – to take home. Your unique blend will be hand batched and created on our CTAPS system for you to change or order every month – creating your own great coffee experience.
  • Finally, no tour would be complete without an informal question and answer session – Finishing with signing off of your very own roasting certificate, coining that you have been approved as a first level Newbeans CTAPS roaster and have created your own unique blend!

The tour allows you to create your own unique coffee and coffee blend, your own personalized label. Once the blend is recorded in our production database, it can be ordered online for your friends family – or even to use in a coffee shop!

How to find us

We are located in the heart of Hemel Hepstead, London. We are situated only a 10 minute walk from Apsley Train Station. Further details will be provided after the draw.

Questions? Get in touch with us at!

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