5 Ways a Coffee Subscription Can Help Your Business

As a café owner, few decisions you will ever make will be as important as the coffee you choose. If you own a food or hotel business, you too cannot be without good coffee, as it is a vital product to serve. If you own a private company, a constant supply of coffee sure helps seal the deal in meetings and conferences.

Whatever your business is, if it involves coffee, it can benefit from a coffee subscription. Here’s why you should consider signing up for a subscription, over shopping for or roasting your own coffee.

1. It’s much more convenient and cost-efficient.

A cafe can be sufficiently complex to design, build, staff with quality employees, open and grow. If a coffee business start-up is also planning to roast their own coffee, then all those tasks can be more than a handful.

On the other hand, if you run a restaurant or hotel business, and coffee is not your core product, roasting is out of the question and it would also be a hassle to keep purchasing coffee. If you’ve figured out the turnover of coffee in your commissary, then a coffee subscription will take the coffee shopping off your to-do list.

Signing up for a coffee roaster to blend your beans and deliver them on a consistent basis, allows you to focus on other aspects of the business. At Newbeans, our coffee is made just for your order, when you order and is delivered between 24 to 48 hours.

2. It gives you access to a wide range of coffees and the expertise of master roasters.

The commitment to roasting great coffee begins with the sourcing of great beans and having it ready to roast. A coffee roaster has access to coffee farmers around the world, and may even be connected to an accredited group (such as those who provide only organic and responsibly-farmed beans). They would also have expert, artisan roasters, who are committed full-time in studying each bean’s unique qualities, testing, roasting and blending to highlight each bean’s fruit, acid, nut or spice complexity – ensuring the consistency and quality of the beans that are delivered to you.

Our coffee farmers are both Soil Association and Rain Forest Alliance accredited, so our beans are organic and ethically-farmed. Our coffee beans are then roasted to order by some of the most respected coffee roasters in the world to produce the highest grade coffee.

3. It allows you to create and label your own signature blend, grind and size – and resell it!

Apart from serving coffee, do you want to sell your own signature blend under your own brand name and make a profit? A coffee roaster can do that for you. An internet-based coffee roaster makes this even easier to accomplish, as you can have the full range of coffees right at your fingertips.

If you are not up to selling your own coffee, getting a coffee subscription can also help you create and order different blends to match the food you serve. Serving pastries? Go with the smooth, sweet taste of Arabica. On the other hand, the strength of Robusta coffees make them ideal after serving savory dishes. You can also switch blends with your ala carte or free flow serving of coffee.

Newbeans Coffee has developed the Coffee Tasting and Profiling System (CTAPS) – a unique tool to help individuals identify the perfect blend of coffee based on personal preference and key attributes of taste, aroma, body and acidity. To find out more about it, email sales@newbeans.co.uk or call our sales advisors on 03333 441242.

4. You save through volume-based pricing.

A coffee subscription will allow you to enjoy special wholesale pricing. There would usually be a weekly or monthly order commitment to avail of this pricing, but if you know your turnover for beans, then this would actually be an advantage. These professional-range products often come with branding, marketing and merchandising support as well.

Our wholesale rate is available for customers ordering a minimum of 6kg of coffee at the time. Find out more about our wholesale service

5. It gives you access to coffee training and coffee equipment.

At some point, you may have been into what seems like a decent coffee shop and the baristas still can’t explain to you what type of coffee they serve. Of course, part and parcel of serving great coffee is having personnel who can converse about the coffee being served. More importantly, trained baristas ensure that every cup is of consistent quality – word will always get out there and this is the one thing that can ensure your business’ success, at least when it comes to the coffee.

Subscribing to a coffee roaster will give you access to their know-how and resources, so look for one who will dedicate themselves into training your baristas on an ongoing basis.

Leave the roasting to us! Interested? Email sales@newbeans.co.uk

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