Coffee – With Your Milk

Introducing a new product to an existing supply line needs strategic planning – the creation of the product itself, merchandising and training, to taking the time to develop the deep product knowledge of the environment the product is going into.

Coffee education 

Creating a coffee product and creating the associated routes to market offers a unique challenge for companies and entrepreneurs in the creation of products that not only satisfy the appetites on the mass market, but can also create a customized personal offering – as unique as the customer himself .

Coffee is already a mass-market product it is in almost every home and every workplace –  can you imagine how to extend the reach of this commoditized product, and create something unique to us? Newbeans was able to do this with their CTAPS system.

Raj Pancholi said “The system is a great way to introduce and develop more sales with in our own distribution base.”


Training and development

The system allows developing products that allow a community to develop their own unique products based on education is part of the movement within coffee – were bespoke and artisan is the new mas market product and personal choice is part of the way people want their products delivered.

Quality and certification

The system provides the ability to move beyond traditional methods of certification based on the customers understanding of the entire supply chain. This supply chain focuses on creating levels of transparency that allows customers to determine the things that are good or bad  and how products are delevered to their door whether by taste service value and brand.

Transparent systems allow opportunities for individuals and groups to add ideas, value and improve the services and products offered by a company.

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