A Step-by-Step Guide to CTAPS

Everyone wants “good” coffee, but “good” can mean different things to everyone.

Coffee has many specific qualities. Its taste, mouthfeel, acidity and balance shape your preference, and that varies from person to person. What does not change however, is that the best coffee beans are those suited to fit your taste!

That’s why Newbeans Coffee created the Coffee Tasting and Profiling System (CTAPS) – a unique tool to help you identify the perfect blend of coffee based on your preference, and key attributes of taste, aroma, body and acidity.

Here’s how CTAPS can help you select or make the best coffee beans for your taste:

Learning more about your coffee blend

For the uninitiated, coffee blending is the art of merging coffee to precisely match a taste, by choosing coffees that complement and enhance each other. For instance, you may love the deep rich flavour of the Sulawesi, but wish it had the bright, citrus acidity of the Kenyan – blending coffee makes that possible.

Our coffee artisans have years of experience in discovering and fusing the unique qualities of two or more coffees to create a new coffee that is one-of-a-kind.

What the CTAPS does is provide a vivid description of these coffee blends, so you can virtually taste it even before you purchase it.

STEP 1: Choose Your Blend

step 1

Choose from our available selection of blends or use our search tab to look for a blend with your preferred coffee bean.

STEP 2: Click on the Blend Profile


Our CTAPS Graph & Taste Values information shows the spectrum of flavors in each blend. The description, meanwhile, gives you a preview of every cup as well as advice you if the coffee is for you.

STEP 3: Choose Your Size and Grind

step 3

Once you find your perfect blend, choose a size and grind that suits your needs.

STEP 4: Have it delivered to your doorstep!


Choose between 24 or 48-hour delivery.

Creating your own unique coffee blend

Artisan roasters aren’t the only ones who can experiment with coffee blends. If you have blended your own coffee at home, and are discerning and confident in your own likes and preferences in coffee, our CTAPS can help you create your own signature blend.

STEP 1: Choose Your Beans

step 1

Choose the best coffee beans that match your taste and needs.

STEP 2: Choose Your Flavor Profile

step 2

Personalize your blend from spicy to sweet, nutty to winey, and so on!

STEP 3: Choose Your Roast, Grind and Size.

step 3

Once you create your perfect blend, choose a roast, grind or size that suits your needs.

STEP 4: Have it delivered to your doorstep!


Choose between 24 or 48-hour delivery.

With the CTAPS, you can find and create a symphony of coffee flavours that hits the right buttons, cup after cup!

Questions? Email us at sales@newbeans.co.uk!

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