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Well it’s the 2012 and what a year it going to be for coffee lovers and New beans. We have asked all our customers how we can best serve them and make improvements to our on line catalogue.

The coffee industry has many facets and for our trade customers we are looking at better ways of increasing their margins, build on consistency and services.  For these trade clients we have slowly extended our product range creating a range of coffee and professional coffee products. We have introduced syrups and machines. In the new year we intend to continue to develop our product range and services allowing greater value and a bigger range of products with the introduction of a range of teas and an online blending service.


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For our home customers, we have built a range of origin coffees that is second to none as well as developed the online CTAPS system to allow you to communicate the great tastes in an origin coffee and give you a simple indication of the cupping profile to allow you to make great choices about your home coffee. In addition to that we have introduced a no Quibble Guarantee.


For our High volume users and vending companies we have developed a range of products that are designed for ‘bean-to-cup’ machines giving great quality and scalable volumes, as well as small pack and drop shipping to reduce the cost of storage and warehousing.


We have also introduced new admin policy at our plant to ensure that orders dispatched are sent straight to production to get great fresh faster coffee, roasted and posted the next day. This was achieved with on site training on our new order processing data base and we hope that order dispatch times are reduced to allow you to get your coffee quicker and fresher.

We look forward to serving you great coffee next year.

Mark Wilson, Newbeans coffee.

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