Invest in Newbeans Coffee

IMG_5541Newbeans is the only company selling coffee on the internet to utilize a production based model – allowing fresh volumes products to be delivered fresh.

Newbeans is the company on the internet that can disclose the content of a coffee blend.

Newbeans is the only Companies to allow consumers to create their own unique coffee blend from raw materials from the coffee market.

Newbeans can provide an alternative to branded products on the internet, which are subject to continual discounting – making it difficult for traditional brands to grow across this selling media.

Newbeans allows customers to create profiles that taste close to their current brand.

Newbeans offers customers the ability to select coffee based on taste and cost.

Newbeans can distribute coffee blends into other distribution channels such as voucher companies and channels that are not previously available to traditional industry.

Newbeans has been developed with the new growing market in artisan coffee products and is intended to create a single destination on the internet for all coffee users.

Newbeans is a simple, logical concept in a growing market were choice and personalization is part of the product and brand offering.

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