Jamaican Blue Mountain

Jamaica. The home of Bob Marley, rum, beautiful beaches, steel drummers and the world famous Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Newbeans import their Jamaican beans from a farm which sits at 3300 feet, around halfway up the mountain range which peaks at 7500 feet. The coffee trees are constantly shrouded in a blue mist which gives the stunning landscape a blueish hue. The high rainfall, high altitude and rich soil makes this area ideal for coffee cultivation. Coffee exported from this region is regulated and graded by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica. Newbeans Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is notable in its mild acidity, lack of bitterness and its full bodied flavour with notes of sweet fruit and exotic spice. The beans are medium roasted to retain the delicate balance of flavour. In order to fully extract the complex flavours we recommend avoiding stove top moka pots or percolators for this brew because there is a danger of scorching the lightly roasted grounds. This will provide you with an exquisite cup, perhaps it wont replace your everyday drinking coffee – it’s just too special – but Newbeans Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is a coffee experience! Once tried, never forgotten.

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