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A coffee revolution is brewing. You can’t fail to notice the droves of commuters making their way up the high street clutching a cup of java on their way to various appointments. However, have you have ever taken your tantalising first sip only to wonder why your pick me up tastes predominantly of soporific warm milk rather than a pistons-blazing caffeine injection? If so you may have started looking for espresso alternatives that really hit the spot and shake the synapses. One of the ways this is manifesting itself is through a resurgence of home brewing methods more advanced and bespoke than ever before. Savvy consumers are bypassing the shop front and getting their hands on the blends that suit their taste buds through their own letterbox.

Drinking coffee has long been associated with socialising with friends so it is fitting that one of the ways the mail order coffee industry is growing is by using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. How does this compare to walking into a coffee emporium? Well, in the specialist tea and coffee retailer I tend to visit there is one, perhaps two salespeople behind the counter. To be fair, their knowledge is reasonable and they are happy to give advice and chat about aspects of the roasts I am interested in, but there is no escaping the fact that they are full of peppy sound bites fed to them by the store owners, about as vague as a newspaper horoscope. With the Newbeans network there is just so much more information to hand. Not just from salespeople but also from plenty of real customers willing to share their experience of the products and publish their passion for their favourite blends and brewing methods. As palettes mature we may begin to realize that there’s more to life than freeze dried instants or insipid warm milkshakes, and Newbeans seem to truly believe that every cup of coffee should imbue a sense of occasion – a mini celebration that punctuates the daily grind.

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