Its all in the Menue ” Sir ”

Has it become the same old coffee experiance , Wither Costa , or Nero , wither starbucks or your local coffee shop  is the caffee Culture getting a littel soggy around the eadges  , Every High street caffee , and coffee shop offering a  ” Great Esspesso ” and from that single shot of coffee.

we have manufactured a range of prodocts and flavours around this single prodoct  such as , Cappachinos , Mocas , and flat Flat whites.

Origion Coffees

But more and more people that like there coffee Healthy , low in calories are looking at coffees with more rounded tastes , Coffees that can stand on ther own , Coffees that are not blended to create value throught econmonies of scale  .

Giving choice is easy and what a better way of presenting this to you customers , with full descriptions and taste coments , as well as a full back up service all avaliable from the touch of your I phone, Ipad , laptop or desktop computer

Origion Coffees offer very cash flow newtral way of introducing new prodocts to your existing prodoct range , and can be enjoyed in a number of ways , with ither your best single mault ,or Brandy , or with favorite foods or wines , or creating a simple way of ending a fine dinning experiance

And with the New beans web portals services the prodocts are all individulal labeled with there own Coffee Taste Proffile , created by our great coffee roasters , allowin  your customers to enjoy the coffee experiance in there favorite coffee house , Resturant or Hotel ,



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