New beans coffee – Can your coffee blend go Peer to Peer?


Developing a great coffee blend for your brand has some great opportunities –  it allows your customers to understand that coffee is at the core of your business and also gives you the opportunity to develop a product that best suits the environment it’s being used in.


As easy as scanning it

As easy as scanning it

Building the brand with a company like   Newbeans has some other great advantages –  not only in creating your own great blend, but also ways of capturing new income from the blend. Working with vending partners in the NIVO group, Newbeans understands that most vending machines are presented with a great deal of foot fall on a day to day to day basis; and this foot fall could be turned into extra income by creating sales that could be captured utilizing QR codes – allowing mobile device users to scan the product and have it delivered to their home.


Caledonian Vending’s new flag ship hospital is a good example of how the vending machine operator can further develop not only a better customer experience but also differentiate the experience from other Vending Operators.“Our Fresh coffee supplier  Newbeans are always working with us to develop our appeal to our customers.


Not only do we have a good fresh coffee product, but the merchandising allows the customers to see the product that we have in our vending machine. The QR code also allows the customer to go straight to the  Newbeans website and further interact with the product. They can even order it and have it shipped direct to their home  -opening up a great new customer experience.”



Having our own Newbeans CTAPS number allows the vending customer to see a transparent product and it also allows us to differentiate from other operators in the market. It gives disclose, that it is indeed a fresh coffee product created by artisans and preferred by connoisseurs.

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