Cool New Ways to Enjoy Your Coffee

cool new ways to enjoy coffee

Last week, we looked at traditional ways of enjoying coffee around the world. Amazingly, even more than a thousand years since the first caffeinated drinks were created, people still find new ways to brew and enjoy this elixir!

With the growth of independent coffee houses and new technologies in brewing coffee, we can now enjoy coffee in ways never thought of before. Here are cool new ways to enjoy coffee:

1. Nitrogen Coffee

Nitrogen coffee is created when cold brew coffee is infused with nitrogen gas, through a pressurized valve with very small holes. The effect is a creamy, Guiness-like effect. The coffee is served cold, but there’s no ice as this would ruin the creamy stout-beer effect. Not only does the coffee come out beautiful, its tastes smooth and wonderful as well.

2. Bulletproof Coffee

A trademark of the Bulletproof Coffee Company, this works on the premise that fat, when mixed into caffeine, makes it more satisfying, kills hunger, and eliminates jitters often associated with caffeine intake. The original recipe calls for a particular type of coffee blend, but we say organic coffee will fit the recipe excellently. To do this at home, mix 2 cups of black coffee with 2 tablespoons each of unsalted grassfed butter and MCT oil (or coconut oil).

3. Tonic Coffee

It appears tonic is not just for gin anymore! Thanks to a Swedish micro-roaster, espresso and bubbly finally met. Tonic coffee is as simple as it sounds: a long shot of espresso is poured over tonic water on ice. The result is as complex as you imagine it to be – sweet and tangy, creamy and effervescent all at the same time. To make one at home, brew espresso with a clean, non-bitter profile and mix with a tonic that’s a good mix of lemony and bitter. Order matters – start with 6 oz tonic water on the rocks, then slowly pour 2 oz espresso on top. Pour slowly to avoid overflow.

4. Joffee

The emergence of coffee hybrids has a new addition in the form of Joffee – or a mix of coffee and juice. Initially made available by Texas-based coffee company Coffee Juice, it’s a mix of cold brew coffee, juiced whole blueberries, and cane sugar. As odd as the drink may seem, it may have increased health benefits due to the high anti-oxidants in the ingredients.

5. Salted Coffee

Following the recent trend of adding salt into everything (think salted caramel, salted chocolate, salted ice cream), in comes salted coffee. In desserts, where it has become an essential element, salt balances and brings out the sweet taste of sugar. In coffee, though, it plays another role – to mitigate the bitterness of coffee. If you found yourself with overbrewed coffee, try adding bit by bit of salt until you find the taste to your liking.

All these may seem odd, but fans swear it makes good coffee even better. Give one of these shot today!

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