Newbeans and McLaren Vending

Creating a coffee that is unique to you and your values is important when it comes to promoting your brand – and Newbeans coffee working with Mclaren vending have created just that.

“Having your own unique coffee blend that you can confidently talk to your customers about is part of the added value services we like to give to our customers” said Paul from Mclaren Vending.

“After sampling a number of newbeans coffees I realised that the coffee flavour we wanted was not available off the shelf.  Mark and the team used our preferred coffee choices to come up with a unique coffee blend that met both taste and budgetary requirements.  The end result is a drink that tastes great and works well with the vending equipment and other ingredients that we use. Working with Newbeans has provided Mclaren vending with our own unique CTAPS number as a mark of a transparent product, that customers can purchase from us or have shipped to their home via the web site.”

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