Newbeans case study – Caledonia Vending


Mark wilson of Neebeans and Emma Richie of Caledonia Vending

Mark Wilson of Newbeans and Emma Richie of Caledonia Vending

Caledonia Vending – winning new customers with Newbeans in all business environments. Emma Richie of Caledonia Vending, based in the outskirts of Glasgow, has run a successful family business for years. Built on quality, choice and and value for money. How did the Newbeans online coffee company help Emma uphold these values?


The growth of ‘bean to cup’ machines and the level of quality and choice they give customers when it comes to the dispensing of their office coffee, has greatly evolved over the years – ‘bean to cup’ machines are now capable of delivering a

top-quality coffee quality product. Hence, ‘bean to cup’ requires high-quality coffee beans.


Emma Richie was looking at creating a great range of flavors and tastes for her customers. With the help of Newbeans, the online coffee roaster, she was able to allow her customers to taste a range of coffee flavours and blends to create the perfect cup of coffee delivered from a ‘bean to cup’ machine.


“Newbeans provides a range of coffees that helps our customers make the correct choice and the CTAPS system helps us choose the right coffee for our customers, as it highlights the various taste dynamics that different coffees combinations can create,” Ms Richie said.


“At the end of the day…We are able to work with our customers. Using the CTAPS profiling system helps them become involved in the buying process. Newbeans are also very active in helping us to promote our services to other potential customers, so assisting us to grow our business,” she added.


“We now order Newbeans coffee along with our other suppliers and we find their service and products superb,” Ms Richie says.

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