Newbeans case study; RingoBells gastropub

The town of Perth, Scotland might not be a destination you would associate with gourmet coffees but the gastropub Ring o Bells is changing that by choosing Newbeans as their coffee supplier.

Gordon Fraser, managing director of the successful restaurant and bar explains why he chose to switch his coffee supply to Newbeans;

“The long and short of it is that our customers love Newbeans Espresso Extra. We use this espresso as a base for our lattes, cappuccinos and americanos and since switching to Newbeans our coffee sales have increased because our customers keep coming back for more. One thing we pride ourselves on at Ring o Bells is offering our customers more choice and that’s why we also started providing a selection of Newbeans single origin filter coffees. These have been startlingly popular and I think that’s because, increasingly, customers want an alternative to an espresso based coffee.”

Gordon has chosen to use Espresso Extra as a base for milky drinks and has added Yirgacheffe and Monsoon Malabar to his Newbeans coffee menu. He’s also stocking Newbeans Swiss Water Decaf. Find out more about these great coffees by following the links.

However, there’s more to Newbeans than great tasting coffees, as Gordon goes on to explain.

“Now I can order my coffee online. I know the coffee will be roasted the next day and delivered the day after that. We have an emphasis on fresh produce at Ring o Bells and I know that I’m providing my customers with the freshest coffee on the market.”

“Unlike my previous coffee supplier, Newbeans offers the ability for our customers to purchase our coffees online. I would never have enough space behind the bar to stock bags of retail coffee but my customers can purchase the Ring o Bells coffees through the Newbeans website through a special link which provides customers with great savings and Ring o Bells shares a percentage of the sales. It’s like having our own Ring o Bells webshop without any of the hassle!”

Newbeans also helps to drive footfall into the restaurant by helping us to run promotions, emailing our customers with coffee news and special offers and even marketing us through facebook and twitter. My customers are delighted and the staff are happier too because they love working with these great products.”

That’s the thing about Newbeans. We don’t just sell you a few kilos of coffee and walk away. We are a coffee supplier with a difference. Our products are fresh and delicious with a reliable delivery schedule. Not only that, we work with the business to increase web presence, work together on coffee related special offers, increase sales by providing a retail coffee aspect and we’re constantly on-hand to offer advise with anything from menu design to barista training. If you’d like to talk to us about switching your coffee supply to Newbeans just contact us and we’ll get in touch. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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