Newbeans creating Value in Top Production Plant

Marina Smith, company director of Smiths Coffee, said “The Bigonit team have developed a superb network that can easily increase sales and create efficiency as well as retain the traditional values of quality coffee. The CTAPS allows scalable, customizable choice to customers in the blending distribution of coffee products, in a way that is in line with extended customer choice.”

New Beans posters_Page_3Newbeans coffee  created by BIGONIT allows the creation of transparent coffee products, as well as the development of quality systems that can reduce production costs and introduce added value services.

The system, which can integrate into any traditional supply chain, allows customers to not only create greater value but also allows the customer to interact with the entire coffee supply chain – over all the current sales channels. The system also allows large scale telesales and field sales development and roll out.

Where taste and cost is important in the system, Marina Smith company director of Smiths Coffee said “ the system also allowed us to target opportunities better as well as create and manufacture products quicker “


The model is also fully scalable and can supply and manage the entire process “ more transparent products, as well as establish new ways of distributing coffee, BIGONIT, we have worked with companies to established distribution networks that we would have previously not been able to do, and in more efficient way “

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