Newbeans CTAPS training – ABC Vending

Here at Newbeans we are proud of our CTAPS system, and like to show it off. However, when blending coffee right knowledge is important – not only can you select the taste profile from our CTAPS data base to show taste and cost we also . Run CTAPS education courses! You can gain the same knowledge and understanding that we have about coffee.

Newbeans recently runs intro an course to CTAPS with John Housely from ABC Vending. This 30-minute blending call allows any one to be shown some top tips in using CTAPS. We gave John an insight into the coffee world, and allowed him to make informed decisions about his coffee buying

We educated John in the use of CTAPS. We showed him that not only does each coffee have its own unique tastes, but also that they can be used to create a coffee with any flavours desired. John was shown how quick and easy it was to create a coffee that not only appealed to him, but also to his customers.

CTAPS also allows coffee to be produced according to price, as well as taste. This is vital for smaller companies who may have to watch their budgets a bit closer. Because Newbeans buys their green beans straight from the commodities market, it lets us pass on the savings further down the line.


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