Newbeans Customer Wants Choice



Newbeans is about choices – and our journey will be about creating choice

  1. We want out customers to blend coffee and create your own flavour with your own beans, and even to create range of coffees with your own brand.
  2. We think it’s important that you should know how your blend made up and where origin coffees coming from. Newbeans provides transparency for your coffees and for your coffee brand.
  3. Newbeans created a fresh coffee experience. Our vision is that all our coffee are traceable to the farm they have grown.
  4. We believe that our customers should choose how they want to be socially responsible.
  5. Newbeans believes that all our roasting and all our coffees Should be delivered fresh within 48hours.
  6. Newbeans believes you should be able to make your own product. All our coffees have taste profiles created by master roaster to allow to choose your taste and flavour how you want.
  7. We stock our own supply of green beans to allow you to select your own green beans.
  8. Newbeans offers complete training environment from online training and how you make your own coffee blend.
  9. Production- All our coffees are produced fresh and meet the higest standards
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