Newbeans Espresso Milano; virtuous

I was chatting to my super-healthy friend today. We had gone to the gym that morning. She’s the kind of lady that smiles while pounding out an incredible pace on the treadmill. She is undoubtably the fittest person I know. After our gym session we went back to my place for some breakfast and I brewed a French press of Newbeans Espresso Milano.

This is a lovely dark, shiny roast of considerable strength, intended to perk us up after our exhausting slog, ready for the day ahead.  Newbeans Espresso Milano uses a blend of three arabica beans from high grown Central American coffees. The Newbeans CTAP for Espresso Milano explains that this espresso blend has a lively sweetness; floral, fruity and caramel. It’s one of the most satisfying espresso blends I’ve ever tasted and has none of that bitterness commonly associated with espressos. This is thanks to the fact that Newbeans only use 100% Arabica coffee beans. The Newbeans master roaster expertly roasts the Newbeans Espresso Milano blend lightly enough to retain the beans’ best attributes and prevent that bitter, almost burnt flavour common to espressos. Coffee connoisseurs know that when roasters are working with low quality, robusta-heavy blends they often deliberately over-roast the beans and that a burnt taste is designed to hide their poor taste. Not the case with Newbeans Espresso Milano! The blend is more lightly roasted to highlight and complement the amazing combination of flavours from these 3 high altitude, central American, arabica beans. Blended to make this Italian inspired quality espresso.

Newbeans Espresso Milano was going down a storm aside my healthy pancakes (oats, eggs and non fat yogurt rather than flour, butter, eggs and milk) and the conversation train invariably rolled into diets and then what we would give up eating in the name of self improvement. Super-healthy friend mentioned that she’s considering giving a completely vegan diet whirl. Super-healthy friend likes to set challenges for her mind and body. Skipping vegetarianism completely and going straight for a full-on vegan diet “just to see what it’s like” As an avid bacon roll connoisseur I audibly gasped at the thought but she is full of perseverance, grit and determination, and soon she will be full of vegetables and tofu. Thankfully she wont have to give up coffee as she relishes it just as much as I do. Evident from the fact she was helping herself to a top up of Newbeans Espresso Milano from the pot. I am notably weaker willed when it comes to vices. I wondered what I would be prepared to give up in the aim of self-denial for the gain self-improvement. There was a long list of hedonistic traits I could consider…chocolate, wine, cigarettes, Jeremy Kyle…

Later the same day I asked around to see which vices people contemplate giving up and was met with varying responses from the common; chocolate; to the bizarre; umbrellas. (They’re hazardous, don’t you know?) One of my friends has decided to forgo watching television on weekdays – imagine all that extra time you’d have? Imagine the eerie silence at home? I suppose there’s always the radio… Another gives up alcohol for the duration of January to detox after festive excess. We all seem to resolve to give up something pleasurable once in a while.

It got me thinking – if you succeed in depriving yourself something you view as negative in one aspect of your life, it makes sense to reward yourself in another. To get you through the bleak days and nights of “chocolate on your cappuccino?” “yes please – oh wait. no. thanks”; “did you see that photofit on Crimewatch last night?” “no, my tv is currently has a tablecloth over it”; “oh no the rain’s on again. do you want to borrow my brolly” “nooooooo!”. So if you’re kicking a habit any time soon make sure you compensate by taking pleasure in the finer aspects of the things you are permitted to indulge in. Like Newbeans coffee. There’s a lot of enjoyment to be had in quiet sipping contemplation, feeling virtuous that you turned down that slice of chocolate cake, learning about new flavours, aromas and roasts. Coffee might just be the self-improvement project you’re looking for. Just don’t ask my super-healthy friend if she wants milk with her Newbeans Espresso Milano, unless of course, it’s soya.

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3 Responses to Newbeans Espresso Milano; virtuous

  1. MG Hutcheon says:

    That espresso sounds lovely, and as it’s such a reasonable price I might give it a whirl. As for giving up things in the name of self-improvement I think it’s fair to ask that the general populace give up instant coffee, ghastly stuff.

    • Max says:

      Ye – It is indeed , MG , Thanks for the post and thanks for being a new beans supporter , We are about to Lauch our new site and would live your feed back , I am glad you like our Espresso ,

  2. Lauren Seivwright says:

    I have a friend just like your’s – always talking about the gym and a total health nut. Worst of all they don’t even like coffeee! CRAZY! I’m not sure I could live wihtout a good strong coffee in the morning!
    I’ll definitely have to try that esperesso. It sounds delicious, and just the thing to help me get up and going in the morning!

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