Newbeans the home of the Origion Coffee – At Christmas


Santa – Stop here for a great CoffeeNewbeans , Offers some superb coffee for your Christmas table

Santa stop for a coffee

Newbeans have a great coffee package The Newbeans Origin coffee pack has Celebes Kalossi, Costa Rican and Yirgachef flavours.

Celebes Kalossi  is very chocolatey, sweet and caramel with nutty undertones. A distinctive character, full deep flavour, vibrant.This coffee comes from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and its particularly hard to come by, up until recently it was only available in speciality stores. coffee is very chocolatey, sweet and caramel with nutty undertones.

Costa Rican flavour smells amazing and tastes as brilliant at its aroma. Costa Rican coffees are much loved at breakfast time. The beans carry the coffee equivalent of a designer label, being marked SHB (strictly hard bean) .This coffee is fragrant, with a fruity and floral undertone , tastes that are Chocolate earthy, winey, with sweet and sour Notes of Grassy and Nutty. Superb coffee on its own, this is Ethiopia’s gift to the world, mysterious, resonant.

Yirgacheffe is a rich, teasing coffee – mysterious on the palate with a long reson

Big and small we do it all

ant finish.

Often described as one of the most unique flavours in the coffee world. It is said that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee.

Get it here for christmas

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