Newbeans Inovation in coffee CTAPS

With the increase in high street espresso bars and coffee hang-outs  the experience of drinking coffee has changed dramatically, even over the past decade and customers’ palates are now more discerning. Consumers desire a range of single origin coffees and speciality blends. They now choose their coffee beans much in the same way they would choose a bottle of wine in a restaurant or supermarket, from a vast choice of flavours and countries. This is thanks, in part, to big coffee brands such as Costa and Starbucks bringing speciality coffee to a broad customer base. However the upsurge in coffee drinking connoisseurs has also seen a rise in popularity for independent coffee houses, who often provide an alternative choice.

The flavours in coffee is just as diverse as wine and whisky, both in terms of its taste and characteristics. Each origin coffee has its own unique taste profile. The demand for coffee companies to interact with their customer base in order for the customer to discover more about their favourite blends has led Newbeans to formulate CTAPS

A unique coffee taste and profiling system which is both educational and enjoyable. Each product can be identified with its unique CTAP allowing the coffee drinker to identify favourite flavour profiles, associate countries of origin, and really understand which coffee characteristics taste good to their palate.

CTAPS will also help cross sell coffee into other taste and commodities such as wines, spirits and food matching opportunities. It will create a mechanism allowing social chatter and referral and will allow the coffee to be merchandised with menus and labelling systems.

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