Newbeans Logo Redesign – The Creative Process

Logo is the foundation of branding, with that said, the customers must easily recognize a brand by its logo. Logo is usually associated with trust the customers can identify. Newbeans took a huge step on redesigning the logo to give it a modern look that could survive through time.


Here is the idea and breakdown of the logo :


Icon From the half of a coffee bean formed to be a coffee cup. The different colors represents the supply chain for coffee , green coffee cheeries – turn red then when there are ripe they are picked ( and processed ) then sent all over to be roasted ( brown ) and added to water white part of the logo that separates the three different parts of the supply chain.

Star Elements – Any coffee has to have a mark of quality and the start are make sure that we can show the quality and the process that creates the quality as part of the brand

Other Elements To match with other known branded who’ve established trust and long term of service to their customers.

Before the team has decided to pick this logo, we’ve come through a long process of revisions and concepts to give the best and most creative logo we could come up. Here’s a peek.


As for mono prints, the team decided to go for a simple version that would still have the icon and a look that would still be recognizable.- And we will be integrating the new branding over time –


What do you think? Share your thoughts!

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