Newbeans Merry Christmas and Happy New Year –

Newbeans Christmas card

Great Coffee From Newbeans - Coffee From SantaChristmas story , All Started , A box of Coffee falling off Santa Sledge and

The New beans Christmas Card , Movie

Santa Every year gets his coffee delivered fresh from Newbeans and his dear wife Mrs Claus makes the coffee the traditional way and then loads the coffee into little thermal boxes so it’s kept warm for Santa Claus to drink while delivering all the presents.

While Mr Coffee bean was out making a Snowman one of Santa’s coffee boxes falls out of Santa’s sledge falling down to earth and hitting Mr Coffee Bean on the head.  After calling Mrs Claus to explain they are delighted to get to keep their great Coffee as Mrs Claus can get more sent direct to Santa as New beans can deliver the Next day.

‘Great’ thinks Mr Coffee Bean, ‘Just what I wanted.  A chance to taste Santa’s supply of coffee.

A superb We have some of santas Great Newbeans Coffee

Santas Great New Beans Coffee

The very same coffee that santa Loves , – The very same coffee that Mrs Clause gives to santa so he can get the energy to delivery all those great presents to all the great people

Just them Mr Snowman takes the cup from Mr Coffee Bean’s hands and starts sipping on the great coffee but as we are all aware Mr Snowman is not supposed to have anything to drink as he is made of Snow and he is driving later.

Newbeans Christmas card

Merry Christmas

So what did happen to Mr Snowman? And did Mr BeansNewbeans Love Coffee really get permission to drink Santa’s great new coffee? Tell us more so we can make the Sequel at the end of January.


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Newbeans Merry Christmas




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