Newbeans offers special benefits to NIVO members and group


Mark Wilson ( with some great coffee

ONLINE green coffee bean roasting service Newbeans has formed a liaison with the NIVO (National Independent Vending Operators) web site ( ) and is offering NIVO members and groups special discounts, according to Newbeans CEO Mark Wilson.

Newbeans is an online coffee roaster site that purchases fresh green beans from the commodities market to provide an online ‘real time’ fresh coffee roasting service – that can be delivered to customers next day.


The Newbeans team has many years of fresh coffee roasting experience and offers scalable products via its online portal



Mark and one of the Newbeans buyers

The service – which is now being used by NIVO members – offers something unique within
the coffee world by way of it’s scalable online/offline service offering a range of products to NIVO and its members with benefits specific for NIVOGROUP and the NIVO members.


Newbeans have a range of great freshly-roasted coffee products available through the online portal



QR codes – one of the ways Newbeans distributes its products.

Also, Newbeans offers a range of services for business-to-business clients in a loose form of franchising. Aside from the ability to blend various types of beans together at, there is also a private labeling service, full offline customer service, a next-day ordering service and an online coffee blending and profiling system (CTAPS for short) – which allows members to create their own unique brands of coffee. Newbeans also allows interactive supply chain merchandizing – designed for businesses to take advantage of online and offline sales.


NIVO groups and members get a ‘retro’ discount on both online and offline sales from Newbeans, Mr Wilson said.


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