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New Beans posters_Page_5Coffee is currently sold on the internet by a number of coffee sellers, however the internet has not been a place were blends can be created and blended allowing the stock from the commodities market to mixed and sold and delivered fresh.

Most coffees are a mixture of different types of coffee beans; these are combined to create commercial products, the Newbeans approach allows customers to mix smaller qualities and have these delivered in more regular fresher cycles.

Newbeans CTAPS system allows blends to be created on-line – according to already existing roasters stock and for it to be delivered quickly allowing smaller customers access to information on the taste of individual beans and the cost to develop their own blend or multiple blends with total content transparency.

Newbeans CTAPS system also allows training both on-line and off -line to help customers enjoy the various aspects of coffee blending, as part of the product offering.

Newbeans has recorded all of the cupping notes of all the world-coffees by using the

After each roast we Test for taste and Quality and allow you to see our notes

Crop to the Cup

work of one of the top UKs specialty coffee roasters, to create an interactive taste-profiles of many of the world’s top coffee Beans.

Newbeans believes that customers are looking for more choice and more transparency in the products they purchase.

Newbeans has gone through the proof of concept stage and has been tested with NIVO group and IDC these groups will be used to “scale-up” accounts

The UK retail coffee market broke the £1 billion barrier for the first time, according to latest research by Mintel, illustrating just how recession-proof the coffee industry is.

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