Newbeans working with NIVO members – Creating value through transparency


Thanks to all the NIVO members for a great road show. Newbeans was delighted to contribute –  to create new opportunities within the vending industry. The theme was one close to Newbeans heart  – healthy traceable products , and how they can add value within the new legislative framework. These frameworks are designed to combat some of the health issues that are affecting people and their productivity.
V__6EC5Newbeans very much enjoyed Tracey Graham from Abercrombie vending open discussion during the event – perhaps the great message was the changing world in the vending industry, and how they moved their products to healthier options and how suppliers can assist in the marketing , and product development.
V__682CNewbeans was happy to contribute to the ongoing conversation, with the concept of transparency again as a great tool in creating value.

Newbeans is an on-line roasting coffee company that delivers a transparent and fresh roasted product to it’s customers, and are always happy to help the NIVO members promote its products through merchandising and joint campaigning  –

we can offer a great range of products that integrate into the most demanding environments.




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