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Response is a marketing company with an office who employ more than 70 people in their UK base and office manager, Sally Tidy was given the task of sorting out the coffee situation. Her challenge  was to save money and time due to constantly having to raid the petty cash drawer and popping down to the shops to get more coffee when the jar frequently ran out. Improve Quality and Choice as She was concerned  at the quality and selection of the coffee on offer, from traditional suppliers not to mention her ears being used as the sounding board for staff complaints about the taste of current coffees on offer . All she wanted was a supplier who could provide the company with superb coffee at a great price completely hassle free. So Sally did some research ( Google Search)  and she soon discovered Newbeans and we made her wish come true. Here’s the whole story;

I’ve been spending a lot of time at the office recently. Usually I’m able to get up, have a long breakfast and a couple of freshly brewed coffees, head to work and come home around mid-afternoon for a late lunch. Recently however I’ve been picking up a lot of overtime. My desk space has slowly been slowly becoming a home from home with personal touches like photographs and hand cream. I can’t abide the coffee freeze dried instant which lurks at the back of the office kitchen’s cupboard, so my favourite cup and a small french press full of Newbeans coffee is a permanent fixture of my workspace. The aroma of fresh coffee filtering through the building have enhanced my colleagues curiosity of these brilliant brews and I love chatting with them about the origins of the coffee. Slowly, but surely, I am converting them to Newbeans. After all, we work hard all day so we deserve something delicious on our breaks.

My inspiration behind this office coffee conversion is a fellow coffee lover by the nameof Sally who works for the successful marketing company Responsys. Their UK base employs around 70 people, most of whom avoided the bitter tar which sits stewing in a filter machine in the kitchen. After a particularly soporific Monday afternoon what Sally really needed was a cup or two of decent joe to see her through till five…making her way to the staff room she discovered that the coffee jar was empty – again! That’s when she decided to take action. A woman on a mission to bring a little more love to coffee breaks to her workplace.

A little research brought Sally to the Newbeans website and she was intrigued by our innovative CTAPs system and the great range of coffees available. A few emails later and Newbeans offered to send some samples. The staff opted to try our three espresso blends; Roma, Extra and Best together with the Wake Up blend and our Wilde’s Inkwell blend. The staff got together for a blind tasting and then used our CTAP system to review their tasting thoughts.

Long story short Responsys are now ordering their coffee on a weekly basis from the Newbeans website. They’ve created an account where they can save all their favourite blends and are also widening horizons by trying different blends from all over the world. Newbeans have brought the coffee shop experience direct to the office with our next day delivery service. It’s also brought the team closer together because they all enjoy talking to each other about the coffee; deciding which product to taste next, gathering at the filter machine with eager anticipation chatting about plans for the weekend. It’s certainly made the mid-afternoon slump a tastier place to be!

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