My QR code taste better that your Qr code

Imagine you go into your favorite coffee shop , and enjoy your favorite coffee monent take out your iphone scan the cup , and the folowing morning you wake up to a delevery of favorite coffee,  not just a coffee that looks like it but a coffee the is exactly the same as the one you had the day beffore in your favorite coffee shop, right down to the Blend , The Beans , The Roast value,

Then imagine that you want to make a change to that blend by adding a littel more columbian , or a splash of Kona Hawai and sent it as a gift to 10 of your freindsin face book

Easy Peasy

Newbeans products are desiged to intigreate into all walks of life , wither you are a large chain looking for new ways to help your customers get access to new coffees , or even your own brand or sipmply looking for a great bag of coffee to take home , for a speacial Brew new beans offer a full fresh roasted and posted coffee blending service

Newbeans has developed CTAPS , Coffee tasting and profiling sytem that captures the blending and roasting proccess of coffee and simply gives it to every one ,  allowing your favorite coffee or even a coffee you have cteated yourself to be drunk scanned and delivered to any one , from anywhere, Newbeans makes everyone the roaster , so try our the NEWBEANS coffee and find out if your Qr code is better than your freinds


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