QR codes you can drink

Newbeans offers interactive merchandising to its partners .



This could be any sort of lovely coffee

Here at  Newbeans we are always looking for new ways of creating opportunities to get our great coffee products into places where people need to get a great cup of coffee – whether this is at home , in the office at pubs or clubs and getting a quick coffee hit from  a vending machine. We can help create new ways to get fresh is best into your cup .


Today Newbeans is introducing a new range of online QR code merchandising that will turn and were you can hang a poster or put a sticker into a point of opportunity to get value from our new QR based merchandising,


As easy as scanning it


All you do is point and scan a mobile phone with a QR reader at one of our posters and stickers and it will take you to a great range of coffee products. With all our merchandising, we can allow our distributors to create even more value to their customers and allow the range of coffee products to be distributed anywhere, anytime; with the great ‘fresh is best’ next day service .

Come and join the coffee community!

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